*All the products are available(if not "sold out" status) in our Jakarta warehouse, please don't worry about the delivery time. When we received your payment of orders, products will be sent out on time in 72 hours (Please note: In case of delayed delivery during holidays or other special circumstances, the delivery time will be postponed ). 


*Customers who pay with Alfamart, due to the payment channel audit time being T+5, will be shipped within 48 hours after approval; The estimated time from placing the order to shipping is within one week, with holidays being postponed accordingly.


We have chosen well-known courier services in Indonesia, so you don't have to worry about the delivery time and safety of your goods. The goods you purchased will be quickly and safely delivered to your hands.


*If you initiate a refund due to personal reasons after making the payment, in accordance with the laws and regulations in the Indonesian government's management measures for e-commerce platforms, as well as the requirements and rules of third-party payment platforms, you are required to bear a rate of 15% of the total payment amount and 11% of the tax. The aforementioned deduction cannot be refunded to you. Please note: If you initiate a return, please send it back within 7 days. Otherwise, we may refuse the goods return due to poor storage conditions that may cause the contents of the goods to deteriorate; The goods you returned cannot affect secondary sales, and you will need to bear the return shipping cost yourself. If the goods you return are found to have been used and affect secondary sales after inspection, we can only return the goods to you, and you will also be responsible for the shipping cost of your goods. Please handle returns with caution. After we receive your return and pass the secondary sales inspection, the remaining amount will be refunded to your designated account within 30 working days.
If you are aware of the above terms and insist on a refund, it is assumed that you have agreed to the refund rules for deducting rates and taxes,etc. Please refund with caution.


*If you encounter any issues such as not being able to find the order number/account .etc after payment for the order, please don't be hesitate to consult us by online store chat box at main page.